Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I just wanted to show everyone my project that I am working on right now. It is a manly quilt. Made from all of "his things" I used old ties, jeans, pants and old bandannas. It is very masculine. And, I love the texture of it. Can't wait 'til it is done.


I have met some talented artists and great friends here at Etsy. I would like to share with everyone a few of them. Here is a friend of mine Knotsntangles.

She specializes in crocheted items and has been doing so in her NY home since she was 8 years old. With the support of her fiance and her large family her shop offers a whole lot more. She is also a graphic designer and has designed some wonderful banners for other etsy shops and her own.

In the 20 years she has been crocheting she says that she loves working with all those great textured yarns. But her talent doesn't stop there, she also loves to draw and paint. Keep a look out for some of that great art in the future.

So, stop on by her shop http://knotsntangles.etsy.com/ or visit her at her blog http://knotsntangles.blogspot.com/

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

NEW group E-Force

I just joined a great new group called E-Force. It is 35 great Etsy sellers banning together to help each other get more sales. It is such a great group of people and shops. Come on over and visit us.

1: craftpudding*~* Custom Rubber Stamps, Stationary and Unique Handmade Goods*~*http://craftpudding.etsy.com

2: Brenb*~*Unique Handmade Jewelry for all Sizes*~*Free shipping US w/$15 purchase 1/2 price shipping for Worldwide w/$15 purchase.http://brenb.etsy.com

3: osugarfootcom*~*Sugar Sweet Body Treats*~*http://osugarfootcom.etsy.com

4: SPOTLIGHTDESIGNS*~*With a touch of Copper *~*http://SPOTLIGHTDESIGNS.etsy.com

5: glassgypsy*~*Boro lampwork beads*~*http://glassgypsy.etsy.com

6: popjules*~*Jewelry for the cheeky girl*~*http://popjules.etsy.com

7: knotsntangles*~*Crocheted creations/Graphic Designs*~*http://knotsntangles.etsy.com

8: entchen*~*Unique crochet and knit creations*~*http://entchen.etsy.com

9: Antiquebasketlady*~*Unique handmade handbags and accessories*~*http://Antiquebasketlady.etsy.com

10: AKeepersJackpot*~*Handmade Jewelry and More *~*http://AKeepersJackpot.etsy.com

11: OnePearlhttp://OnePearl.etsy.com

12: angelicquirk*~*Eclectic mix of tags, cards, beaded jewelry & handpainted anythings*~*http://angelicquirk.etsy.com

13: Uniccarrius*~*Eclectic Handmade Jewelry and Business supplies*~*FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS OVER $10.00http://uniccarrius.etsy.com

14: SimplySoaps*~*Fun soaps for all ages*~*http://SimplySoaps.etsy.com

15: HouseofSixCats*~*Beautiful and Unique photography*~*http://HouseofSixCats.etsy.com

16: KraftChainshttp://KraftChains.etsy.com

17: keytothedustypages*~*Books with a "twist" and homemade bookmarks*~*http://keytothedustypages.etsy.com

18: aBreathofFrenchair*~*Your Online Bath and Body Shop *~*http://aBreathofFrenchair.etsy.com

19: KDemARTe*~*Custom Pet Portraits and Handcrafted Jewelry *~*http://KDemARTe.etsy.com

20: quiltnmama*~*antique quilts and keepsakes*~*http://quiltnmama.etsy.com

21: ecram1*~*Teacup Candles and Jewlery*~*http://ecram1.etsy.com

22: Islandbaby*~*Bridal jewelry & Unique medallions*~*Free Shipping during Novemberhttp://Islandbaby.etsy.com

23: artladymanor*~*Art - Custom Portrait Drawings, Cards, Prints and other digital creations *~*http://artladymanor.etsy.com

24: Timeless*~*Great hand painted gifts for all*~*http://Timeless.etsy.com

25: teapotkate*~*Sock Monsters for all*~*http://teapotkate.etsy.com

26: BDeetieBoutique*~*Unique Handmade Jewelry, Accessories, and Trinkets *~*http://BDeetieBoutique.etsy.com

27: aPassionForFashion*~*Eclectic and Funky Jewelry and Accessories*~*Free shipping for orders over $35 to anywhere.http://aPassionForFashion.etsy.com

28: mohdesigns*~*Accessories for home and self *~*http://mohdesigns.etsy.com

29: threelittlepeashttp://threelittlepeas.etsy.com

30: AbyssalGemshttp://AbyssalGems.etsy.com

31: alkemystic88http://alkemystic88.etsy.com